Chic an Attitude With a Tango beat

"...The best moments comme with traditional tango dancing throughout by Ms Berbessou and Mr Moreno and in another traditionnal number, danced by Teresa Cunha and Jarie Dandodden, in which their legs seem to glide over ice so smoothly and speedily do they move. Ms. Cunha and Mr Moreno stopped the show in an number that made subtle and exciting use of the tango form and long, thrusting limbs and moves with a modern-dance flavor.
The dancers sped into and out of shifting diagonal lines just as excitingly in one group number. And there was some lively stage business with a long back row of chairs on which the performers dance - and then are amusingly unable to dance - across the stage. But these moments were far too few...".

Jennifer Dunning
12 octobre 1999